Galaxie Lighting


Hatfield Home

2017 Utah Valley Parade of Homes


Check out these amazing light fixtures!  Love them!


This fixture is so unique and fun!








Fun and fancy chandelier!








A drum light is hot and trendy!








This traditional fan turned into a statement piece!

Galaxie Lighting

212 South 1060 West

Lindon, Ut 84042

Tel: 801-796-6777

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Sweet Water





Treat for the day!!

Galaxie Lighting is showing us some pretty amazing light options shown at the 2017 Utah Valley Parade of Homes!



Sometimes very simple recessed lighting is the best option. But notice how the three in a row highlight the focal point in the room.



 The design in this kitchen is effortless. The minimalistic lighting is a perfect option for this farmhouse kitchen.



The dreamy lighting in this bathroom is magnificent.  It’s soft ambient lighting adds warmth and interest at the same time. Galaxie has so many options for unique and colorful lighting.



Every house needs a beautiful chandelier.  This traditional style chandelier is a stunning accent to this bedroom.  




 And lastly, this uncomplicated smaller hanging light is such a sweet accent to this room.




From simple to complex, Galaxie Lighting has it all.  We simply adore working with them.

Visit their store at 212 South 1060 West, Lindon, Utah 84042


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The Mountain Contemporary

presented by E Builders

in the 2016 Park City Showcase of Homes.


The Snow Crest Estate is a perfect blend of luxury and practicality. E Builders provides a full custom Design+Build experience and worked hand-in-hand with the homeowners to design a floorplan that perfectly matches their lifestyle.




When you have a spacious Gathering Space with high ceilings, adding a striking focal point, like the geometric finish work above the fireplace, pulls the room together. The wood tones of the ceiling beams and the wide plank floors make it warm and inviting.




If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the Snow Crest Estate is big on love. The large quartz island seats up to six people and has plenty of workspace. The modern white cabinetry and subway tile backsplash are offset by the gleaming stainless appliances and the bold custom-made metal hood.




After a long day, retreat from the stresses of life into this elegant yet cozy master suite. The custom wood work on the ceiling and the soft lighting creates a relaxing atmosphere.




  The Master Bathroom in the Snow Crest Estate is absolutely gorgeous. The tile mosaic over the free-standing soaking tub is a perfect example of an architectural detail that creates a luxurious spa like feeling in the room. The large tile shower with multiple shower heads and floor-to-ceiling Euro glass is simply stunning.





This covered patio is outdoor living at it’s finest. Just imagine watching a game outside on the tv with your friends. Or, putting your feet up and enjoying the fresh air while the kids play in the pool. Having an outdoor living space adds a whole level of enjoyment to your home.























Red is the Color..... 

Red is known for it's drama. It will immediately demand your attention and snatch your focus. This lively color can be a design tool to increase awareness. 

Red crosses the boundaries of subtly. It is vivacious by nature but can used to accentuate or draw attention. It can warm and cheer or create a moody atmosphere. Reds can be used across the design spectrum--from contemporary to rustic. Crimson, fire engine red, merlot and rust, all are desirable. 

'When people walk into a red room, they immediately respond," says New York City interior designer Scott Sanders. High saturation reds make you feel awake and energized. More subtle reds, wine, brick, or maroon, create warmth and coziness. Either way, "red is a statement color," says New York City interior designer Janine Carendi MacMurray. 

If you are daring, paint with red. It will add life and radiance to any room. Use neutral furniture to off-set the bold hue. 

If you are risk adverse, use red as a statement piece or accent. Even a small amount of red can add energy to a space. 

Because the red is so radiant, "even one red piece can transform a bland room," says Carendi MacMurray. But if you are novice, pairing red accents or furniture with pale or dark palette is the safest bet.  





Mountain Contemporary

Built by E Builders  

2016 Park City Showcase of Homes


The exterior of this Mountain Contemporary uses natural materials and colors to complement the surrounding terrain yet maintain a contemporary look and feel.


“Even when a home is moderate in size, you can raise the ceiling height, particularly in the entry and entertaining areas, to create a more spacious feel.” -Cory Olsen, E Builders


“Through the Design+Build process, our homeowner expressed the importance that we maximize the views and create a fusion between mountain and contemporary design.”

--Nate Larsen, E Builders


To maintain the contemporary feel in the gourmet kitchen, E Builders integrated the pantry as floor to ceiling cabinets and added open shelving.  Contrasting the black hardware and fixtures with the white countertop emphasizes the sleek lines.


Creating a space to entertain family and friends was another priority in the design of the Mountain Contemporary. The dining area, kitchen, and the gathering space flow together in an open design.


In order to maximize the stunning views of the canyon for the homeowners, E Builders added a wall of windows behind the covered deck. No matter if the weather is a snowy cold or it’s a beautiful sunny day, natural light and gorgeous scenery are incorporated in the design.



Stylish Outdoor Living means combining your family’s lifestyle with your surroundings. For this Mountain Contemporary, the landscaping is low-maintenance and the fire pit is perfect for family to gather outside and enjoy the amazing views.

Thanks to Nate and Cory at E Builders for sharing their amazing work with us!

Follow them on IG @ebuildershomes




Designing with Mirrors 


Mirrors are versatile objects that bring luminosity and dimension into an area. They are similar to a decorative window that is both mobile and beautiful. Because they reflect light and color, special effects can be created. For instance, if you want the outside to come inside, place a mirror to reflect the outside greenery. But be careful to place the mirror so that it only reflects desirable spaces.


Mirrors can be used in any area of your house that you want to enlarge or add light to. Designers often favor an entryway (because it is dark) or a dining room. They use the opportunity to create ambiance with the reflected light.


Often the mirrors themselves become part of the artwork. Try grouping multiple mirrors. Or cluster the mirrors with other framed or unframed art.


The mirrors should be proportional to the space--large mirrors on large walls and small mirrors in a small space. Using mirrors with interesting frames is definitely a good idea, but be sure to use the same style as the artwork. Adding other accessories heightens the look.






A Patch of Blue; a Dash of Cream 


From a bright, crisp sapphire to a soft, creamy azure, blue has the ability to be tranquil and refreshing simultaneously.   It is the color of the sky and the sea and as such, it emanates depth and serenity.  


Ivory is simply sophisticated.  At it’s base, ivory is a shade of white, but with the added warmth of brown.  It is a quiet color that doesn’t have to try too hard to grab your attention.


The combination of the two hues creates an harmonious, calming effect.  It soothes and comforts.  Because of this, you start to feel pampered, luxurious.


So many options are available in this color scheme.  Combinations of full blue furniture (above) or navy walls (below) create a more vibrant scene that is nonetheless still classic and elegant.


Or if you simply don’t want that kind of saturation, try a carpet or an accessory to add that pop of color.



If you are having trouble choosing a shade of blue or cream, don’t be afraid to use all of them.  Feel free to let the oceanic shades run together. Combinations of white, off-white and deep ivory give depth to a room.


Overall, the blue and cream color combination is definitely on trend, but more importantly will allow your home to feel graceful as well as full of style.



The Modern Provincial

by E Builders

Modern Provincial is an extremely popular style for 2016-2017. This high end look combines the 'farmhouse' look with certain French Provincial elements. It also adds all the modern functionality that makes it a pleasure to live and work in.

Our house tour today was built by some fabulous builders, E Builders. They put painstaking effort into each and every detail of their homes.

The Exterior

This uniquely beautiful exterior stone work on the Modern Provincial was a collaborative effort by E Builders, the designer, and the homeowner. They utilized an artistic, random pattern which created a contemporary version of a traditional French Provincial home.

The Gathering Space

The classy, contemporary feel of the Gathering Space is perfect in the Modern Provincial. The white lined walls and the magnificent windows create a light elegant space. Add the neutral furniture from Osmond Designs Furniture and you have a masterpiece.

The Kitchen

A beautiful polished metal hood over the cooktop adds sparkle to this exquisite gourmet kitchen. The brushed gold pendant light fixtures continues the theme of mixing metals throughout the Modern Provincial.  

The Butler's Pantry

Becoming evermore popular, the Butler's Pantry is essential for a family that loves to entertain. This space is perfect for storage and prep materials. Loading groceries directly from the garage through the grocery door keeps everything clean and efficient.

The Covered Deck

Ideal for taking the party outside, the covered deck features a custom built bbq, plenty of seating, and gorgeous views.

E Builders recommended creating the custom metal hood for the bbq, the barstool counter and the prep space. This visually tied the features on the covered deck to the architectural details of the home exterior. It also serves a functional purpose of directing smoke from the bbq away from the deck itself and keeping the entertaining area smoke free.

Outdoor Living

For this gorgeous pool and deck, E Builders recommended setting the pool deck at eye level from the terrace. This created an infinity horizon view and made the outdoor living area feel more intimate.

Thanks to E Builders for sharing their magnificent work with us!

Contact Nate or Cory at E Builders


3305 Mayflower Way #1

Lehi, UT  84043







-The following article is found in the 2011 Winter BusinessQ Magazine-



 AGE 35 | COMPANY Osmond Designs and Osmond Designs Outlet, Lehi and Orem


Heather Osmond, come on down! 

Those immortal words were spoken on the iconic game show “The Price is Right,” giving Osmond instant cool cred. 

But she didn’t stop with Bob Barker (or winning that car). Osmond has become one of Utah Valley’s design queens by growing and expanding her award-winning Osmond Designs in a down economy — even opening a second store. 

And if that weren’t cool enough, a few years ago she was the winner of the Mrs. Utah Pageant — and went on to score in the top 15 in the Mrs. America Pageant. 

Here she is …

Time you wake up/go to bed.

I’m an early-to-bed, early-to-rise person! 

Favorite business book.

“Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers. I’m always looking for opportunities to learn, serve and grow. I’m often surprised at what I can accomplish by taking a leap of faith. 

Favorite lunch spot.

One that serves quality sushi — cooked, of course! 

Favorite phone app.

I recently discovered the voice texting app. I love it! 

Most-played track on your iPod.

My husband, Jared Osmond, just released a new album he wrote for me. I listen to it all the time. We sell it at both Osmond Designs stores. I’m just saying …

Car you drive.

I am the mother of four kids braving Utah weather — an SUV! 

Most rewarding moment of your professional life.

The friendships I enjoy by helping builders and homeowners even years after their homes are finished. 

Leadership style.

Hire the best people in the industry, then give them the support they need to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. 

For a deadline, do you stay up late or wake up early?

I call my army of friends to get things done on time. I plan ahead. I do not procrastinate. 

Biggest business blunder.

That I didn’t open Osmond Designs sooner! We would have saved so much money in furniture and accessories. 

Type of person you were in school. 

I was the textbook version of an overachiever. 

Why are you an entrepreneur?

I cannot think of any profession where you have the flexibility and the freedom that being an entrepreneur provides. I love the excitement of creating a business in a field I am passionate about. I love providing employment for people I love associating with.






How to Make the Perfect Bed

Because you spend nearly 1/3 of your life in your bed, you should LOVE it! From the texture of the sheets on your toes to the patterns dancing before your bleary morning eyes, you should adore every part of your bedding. Just follow these 3 easy steps and viola, the perfect bed!


The color of your sheets is a matter of personal preference, but neutrals are the safest bet. Choose a creamy off-white or warm gray if you love warmth and coziness. Choose a bright white or a light gray if you enjoy a refreshing, coastal look. If you like patterns, stay simple. A light pattern on a light background makes sheets easy to layer. 

You can no longer depend on thread count to ensure a good quality sheet. Manufacturers are finding ways to combine cheap fibers to meet thread requirements. It is better to look for words like 100% Egyptian Cotton or Pima (or Supima) cotton. Egyptian cotton has long fibers that ensure softness AND durability. If the label simply says 100% cotton, it is most likely American cotton that is shorter and coarser. 

Quilt and Duvet

Many people throw a quilt or duvet on their bed and call it good. But to achieve a designer look, a quilt/coverlet must be coupled with a duvet/comforter. First, find either a quilt or duvet that you adore. Then choose the other to compliment it. If the duvet has a strong pattern, choose a simpler quilt. Or vice versa. It's all about the layers!


Shams and Accent Pillows

Pillows are the icing on the cake. The first step is to purchase an adequately sized insert. If the insert is too small then your sham will look saggy and wrinkly. Using both a Euro sham (large square) and a king sized sham (long rectangle) or standard sham (small rectangle) will create depth. Using both solids and coordinating patterns is recommended. Then add a pop of flavor or color with accent/throw pillows. And you are done!

 (bedding is available at Osmond Designs Furniture)




 About Breakfast


Close your eyes. Imagine waking up and feeling fantastic. You're alive and well. You shower and head out to the kitchen to find something to eat. At this point, where do you sit? Does it even matter? 

Light and color profoundly affect your mood. Not to mention that you ought feel happy and comfortable in the first moments of your day. So that decision of where to eat is more important than we may realize. 

Light and Color

If you are a morning person, you may love to sit in the direct morning sunlight.  When you awake, you are clear-headed and ready to go.  Choose a spot that is bathed in light to enjoy a morning juice or hot drink. Light colors tend to elevate the mood and calm the mind. 

Like this-
(image courtesy of Osmond Designs Furniture

Or this-
(image courtesy of Bernhardt furniture is found at Osmond Designs Furniture)

If you are slow to awake, then you may want to choose a place that has filtered light or a cosy lamp. Also a darker, subdued palette will allow you to wake up slowly. Gray tones work perfectly for those wishing for some quiet time before the rush of the world is upon them. 

Like this-
(image courtesy of

Or this-(image courtesy of

So before you go to sleep at night, think about how you feel as you wake up and make sure to carve out a comfort space for your morning self. 




The Perfect Entryway 

Every doorway, every intersection has a story. 

--Katherine Dunn

(image courtesy of Iron Door Works at

We all Have a story. We may have endured imminent danger or immense boredom. We may have loved and lost or never loved at all. Whatever your storY may be, your home becomes the keeper of them. It is the setting in which life unravels. It is where your childhood was spent and your future exists. 

(image courtesy of Iron Door Works at

The entry to your house offers a first impression. It can welcome or intimidate. It can be ornate or simple. Once you step over this threshold, you will get a glance into the sacred space of someone's life. 

(image courtesy of Iron Door Works at

So take a moment and decide how you want to make your initial impression Because life should be lived intentionally. And it probably should start at the front Door....


  Osmond Exclusive Deal

From February 22- March 22, get a free $350 handle with a purchase of an Iron Door Works door.  

Contact DALE at 801-663-1199 or

Mention Omsond Designs blog or Instagram







 Choosing a Favorite

Bedroom Style 


Choosing a favorite bedroom style can be like choosing a favorite dessert. Totally impossible! But we wanted to show you a few of our favorite options anyway. 


The eclectic style uses an unexpected combination of color, pattern and texture. When combined in the right way, you achieve a look that is full of flavor. The rich wood, crisp white bedding and animal texture are a fun combination pictured here. 


Cottage style is the casual, easy choice for a bedroom. It feels comfortable while also being fresh and open. 


The use of an elaborate headboard is common in a romantic bedroom. Everything about this style is soft and feminine. The use of whites is always a good option to achieve this style.



Straight clean lines, solid neutrals and swift accents define the contemporary style. Although minimalistic in it's approach, it is nonetheless very assertive.


Hushed tones and washed wood are favorites in the coastal style. Note the seaside blues and greens of the bedding coupled with the white wood plank walls. Add in the washed wood dresser, bed frame and lamp--you are ready for the beach. 

There are so many styles and combinations, that it is nearly impossible to decide a favorite. But if you are trying to decide, there is an exercise to help you choose. Look at photos books, magazines and blogs. Then clear your mind. Go about your day or week. One or two of those photos should haunt you. The image simply won't leave your mind. Or if you are a less visual person, make an attempt to recall what you have seen and a few images may come back to you. That's how you know you have found a true match for you and your home. 



Eating at the Bar


Let's face it, we are busy. Almost all of us have packed schedules that make eating at the bar a great option. Bars are not only convenient, they are easy to clean and lend themselves well to working on a laptop while eating. They also provide a hang-out area for snacks and conversation. 

So how do you turn a practical bar into a stunning display in your home?  So easy. There are only three foundational items you must have. 


Magnificent light fixtures turn an ordinary bar into art. Light is essential to your kitchen island, so why not make a statement?

Counter Tops

Because stone is expensive, it is easy to want to cut corners. But your counters are permanent so you may as well invest in them. We promise you will never regret it!

Bar Stools

Bar stools are a fun easy way to update your kitchen. They can add accents of color or layers of texture. Because they are easy to replace, take a risk and use a vibrant hue or interesting pattern. 






Where the Paint Trends--2017 


Designers love the new vibrant colors like 'Greenery' and 'Shadow' possibly for a den, accessories or an accent wall, but for all practical purposes what are the painting trends for 2017? Before we get started on this year's trends, lets do a little history. Paint is unique because the trends usually stay around for 10 years (unlike fashion that can shift from year to year). From approx. 2000-2010, sage and tan seemed like they were on every wall. When the trend started to shift, designers started using gray to get a lighter, fresher, more coastal feel. According to paint specialist, Tyler Hawkins of Xavier Paint, the most popular colors of 2014-2015 were the warm shades of gray. But in 2016 and as 2017 unrolls, home designers are choosing either a white on white palette (white walls, white trim) with shades such as Sherwin Williams 'SnowBound' or cooler lighter gray such as Sherwinn Williams 'Worldly Gray'.. 




So if you are considering paint, try fresh white walls or a coastal gray to achieve that perfect backdrop!

*all photos courtesy of





Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 



Every Year Benjamin Moore names the color of the Year and for 2017, it is....

(drum roll please...)


Shadow 2117-30

"It ebbs and flows with its surroundings, and light brings it to life. Rich, royal amethyst can fade into the soft lilac-grey of distant mountains or morph into lustrous coal. Indulge your mysterious side. Let Shadow set the mood."

-Ellen O'Neill, Creative Director at Benjamin Moore

 Pantone Color of the Year


We are back and ready to go! We hope you will all join us as we teach, inspire and connect. 

Our first order of business is this exciting new color! Every year the Pantone Institute 

introduces a 'Color of the Year'. 

For 2016, it is called 'Greenery'. It is a lush vibrant yellow-green that instills a sense of 

growth. It represents revival, restoration and renewal.

As 'nature's neutral', green offers new life. As you bring it into your home, you will feel that

sense of peace that is felt automatically in the outdoors. 

Here are some beautiful examples of how to use 'Greenery' to add a fresh and zesty accents to your home in 2017! 



**photography provided by Osmond Designs Furniture. 



Osmond Designs features a large selection of quality living room furniture, bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, home office furniture, and entertainment furniture as well as mattresses, home decor, and accessories. Osmond Designs is the winner of 2011 Utah Valley Parade of Homes, for Best Interior Design. If you're looking for the perfect furniture in Utah to suit your needs as well as your lifestyle, stop by Osmond Designs in Orem, or Lehi today.

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